M1 5W30 0r 10W30?

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May 12, 2003
If this is the "sludger", you'd want an oil that's more shear stabile and the less the spread, the better. Go with 10W-30.
I'd also vote for 10w30 if your climate does not drop below zero F. Or you could use the 5w30 for winter only and 10w30 for the rest of the year. My Walmart has lowered the 5 qt. jugs of M1 to $19.95 now that M1 EP is in stock.
Thanks for the replies. The warranty requires 6k/6mos OCI's under "normal" conditions,3k/3mos "severe". With the way this car is driven it will most likely not make 6k in 6 months which is why I've previously stuck with the short OCI. But with what I've learned here I realize what a waste this is.I assumed the oil selector on the Mobil site would just spit out whatever the manufacturer recomends which is why it surprised me when it recomended something different than Chrysler.Since the pour point and viscosity at 100c are the same and the other spec's being so close between the 5W30 and the 10W30 I just wondered if one would be preferred over the other. Since I live in the extreme Southern part of Indiana the weather is a lot more moderate in the winter than the Northern part.I had decided on April and October changes so the 10W might be the summer weight and the 5W winter weight.Gotta love the coupons from PB's!
I made the decision to start using Mobil 1 in my wife's 04 Concorde because of what I've learned on this site. This is the 2.7L V6 DOHC motor rated at 200hp.From what I've read this motor is tough on oil.Manual says 5W30 is preferred but 10W30 can be used above 0F. The oil selector at the Mobil site recomended 10W30 after I plugged in the data. I'm sure this is probably not an overly sophisticated program but it got me wondering if the 10W30 might be a better choice than the 5W30.It recomended 5W30 for my 96 Blazer and my Mom's 98 Buick which is what they call for. I've reviewed every UOA on here for Mobil 1 and also the data posted at the top of this page and it doesn't seem to me that there is a whole lot of difference between the 2 other than the 10W30 has A5/B5 in addition to the A1/B1 and a slight difference in the viscosity at 40C. Is there any advantage to using the 10W30 that I'm overlooking? I have enough b3g3 free coupons from Pep Boys to get me through this year and next. Already piked up a case of 5W30 SM/GF-4 and can barely restrain myself to wait until April 1 to put it in. Sorry this is so long.

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The oil selector at the Mobil site recomended 10W30 after I plugged in the data.

It said to run 10W-30 after clicking the coldest temperature setting???????

I would suggest 10W's from April thru October .... 5W's from November thru March. Indiana is still a northern state... last time I looked... lol
I believe this motor is the "sludger" so you have to pay particular care in oil selection and oil change schedules. Mobil 1 is a great choice and if they say you can use 10W-30 above 0*F then I'd use it. It's probabably a bit more stout and stable than the 5W-30, especially since this motor seems to be tough on oil. 5,000 mile OCI's should be fine. However if you are required to change the oil at 3,000 miles then look at the new Mobil 5000 or 7500. Both are new and quality oils and will handle the 3,000 mile OCI's easily. Plus they'll be about half the price of the Mobil 1. And if you want you can do an Auto RX treatment at 60,000 miles to further insure a clean motor. Oh wait a second. I see you have a fist full of PepBoys coupons for Mobil 1 burning a hole in you pocket
. If you use Mobil 1 then you can use it all year round. Most likely it'll flow better in the cold than a dino 5W-30. Chrysler's comment on using 10W-30 if above 0* is based upon using a dino oil. The Mobil 1 10W-30 will have much better cold pumpability than the dino oil.


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