M1 5W20 in Canada - Toronto

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Oct 15, 2005
Most of the M1 talk regarding the XW20 line is 5W20... I assume that M1 5W20 is their most current version of the W20 line??? Reason that I am asking is that I can not for the life of me in the Toronto,Ontario,Canada area is 5W20 M1, all I can find is 0W20... Not that it makes any difference, but I find it odd that even on M1's site, their is no more reference to 0W20, but that is all I can find in Canada.. Any Chunks out their that know of a place that carries the M1 5W20?? thanks everyone...
Patman.. They do, but they want $9.00 a liter (No Thanks!).. All other retial locations only have 0W20....
For $9.00 a litre you can by Redline 5W-20 or Amsoil 5W-20 for about $6.50 a litre. If I was going to pay $9.00 a litre for oil it definitely wouldn't be M1.
XLM 5W20 AMSOIL . I can give you a pretty good deal and you can pick it up at the Toronto Warehouse. A case of 12 qts will cost you $63.00 ($5.25qt)plus taxes. Let me know if your interested. Don
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