M1 5W-50 at Walmart (Canada)

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Nov 18, 2005
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
I picked up a couple of quarts of M1 SN 5W-50 at a Walmart near me. I was surprised to see them since Mobil stopped selling the 5W-50 grade years ago in Canada and even Walmart in the use doesn't carry the grade. The bottles had a "not for commercial sale" sticker on the back. Anyway I checked the bar code and it said see a store associate which I did. To make a long story short no one new what is was or where they came from or even what to charge for them. I said I wanted to buy them anyway. After some negotiating I paid $4.98/qt for them.
Great price...$80/5 litres around here Will be buying some next oil change to make a 40 out of some 30 in the shed
My friendly Ford dealer sells it to me (complete with stickers) for $10 a quart for use in my 2014 GT500. It's quarts instead of liters because it's packaged in the USA. If it's going to be available at WM, then I'll buy it there, but I suspect what you got was an stocking error. The stickers signify that it's a "dealer oil" intended for the jobber and non-retail trade. It's API SN with Porsche A40 and Lexus LFA factory qualifications. I'll be very interested in how it performs in the GT500.
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I'll be very interested in how it performs in the GT500.
M1 5W-50 works just fine in my 2007 GT500 with the 5.4L motor. I can purchase it locally from Napa auto parts. When they have a sale it's 5.99/quart.
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That sure beats The Motorcraft price. Cheapest i found MC 5w50 was this.
Imperial Oil played a trick on CATERHAM. They filled the bottles with SAE 50 and mislabelled them, planting them where they knew he'd find them. wink Nonetheless, that sad thing is that Walmart likely made enough money off of them even at $5 a bottle up here!
We have a VOA of this oil and the KV100 at 16.43cSt is off a bit from the PDS spec' of 17.5cSt; not unusual for a 50 grade. I haven't seen a UOA of this oil. jaj and SIXSMITH, any interest in having one done?
M1 5w50 is very easy to get around here and the cheapest M1 I currently have M1 5w50 in my Fiat. I should really use 0w40 but 5w50 is $20 a jug cheaper and it's only a few HTHS point higher than the original 10w40. I'll be doing a UOA on it as soon as I can clock enough miles.
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Thanks QP. What interesting is that the KV100 was 14.41cP -14.45cSt which is amazingly consistent. That's 12% oil shear from the VOA 16.43cSt of the SN oil. The SN oil also has higher AW levels particularly Phos' at 951 ppm vs about 800 ppm for the SM oils.
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