M1 5W-30 at 4200 miles and 9 months

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Sep 12, 2002
I filled the 5.4 in the 2003 E-250 w/ 6 qt M1 5W-30 (Ford calls for 5W-20) last summer and just changed it today... On the dipstick the oil was still quasi-clear but I noticed some coking on the dipstick (stains that won't come out). The reason I say coking is because on my other Ford (81 302 V8) there are hard deposits on the dipstick that was once engine oil only its solidified. The M1 didn't seem to like being run this long?? I am now running 5 qt M1 5W-30, 1 qt M1 15W-50 - I have a gut feeling there's a direct correlation between the use of 5W-20 and the now-TSB for grinding timing chains on Ford 2V Modular V8s.
Sounds like a good mix....I have 2003 f-150 5.4 that has been on M1 5W30 (6 Qts. ) will add 1 qt.M1 15w50 next time,any other opinions????
I just changed my M1 5w-30 today at 6 months and 3000 miles. It was dark colored but seemed ok.
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