M1 5w-30, 4,850 miles, 2002 Passat 2.8L V6

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Jun 5, 2013
Wisconsin USA
This is a sample from my first OCI on a recently acquired used 2002 Passat (150k miles) my daughter drives. The previous owner was pretty good about having the oil changed on schedule (VW specifies a 5,000 mile OCI), but he frequently used quickie lubes with whatever bulk dino oil was on hand. This oil was M1 5w-30, and he added an unspecified amount and type of make up oil over this interval. Previous owner estimated oil usage was 1 quart per 1,000 miles, which is how Blackstone assumed there were 5 quarts of make up oil added during this interval. My experience so far is no where near that (in almost 700 miles I have not seen the oil level change much at all). So I suspect the actual amount added was 1 or 2 quarts max.

There is light sludge and varnish visible in the oil fill hole, and that seemed consistent with the consumption problem reported by the previous owner. I asked Blackstone for guidance on gentle desludging, which led to the reply in the comments. I intend to run short OCIs with synthetic known for good detergency, and avoid additive flushes. I have M1 0w-40 in this car now, and I intend to use a VW 502.00 compliant oil going forward.

This car is in great shape for its age, was well maintained, has 4 wheel drive (4Motion), and is well rated for safety, so it's perfect for my daughter for now.

An autopsy of the filter used in this interval is here

interesting data you have. would love to see what the inside of that engine looks like. even oil fill hole. The uoa looks perfect but I wonder how much the not really known amount of top up affected the numbers. the filter looked great.

good pick for her car. Hope it serves her well.
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I have that same engine in my Audi. Unlike some VAG engines, it doesn't have the sludge tendency. If the owner was changing every 5k with dino it should be ok, especially with that amount of makeup oil. My fill hole also has some varnish on the fill hole baffle, but under the valve covers looked fine.

Be sure to keep an eye on when the timing belt was changed last, as these angines are picky about that. They have a hydraulic tensioner that can go bad with age.

Also, be sure to get a transmission fluid and filter change. The torque converter was a weak spot on some of these ZF units and old fluid can make it more likely.

UOA looks good!
Great car. Love the 4Motion and more so the V6. UOA looks great and as others have stated, i wouldnt worry too much about sludge.
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