M1 5w-20 in houston

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Mar 24, 2005
I'm a newbie to this site and love it! you guys are sharp. I've been using Pennzoil 5w-20 syn in my '02 Odyssey (37K miles), thene I read a UOA on this site stating it wan't much better than regular stuff. So I want to switch to M1. but I can't find it in houston, only 5w-30. My question is this. Is the -30 ok for use? Will I notice a difference in milage? I just bought a Wix filter base on readin in this forum. Plan on sending a sample of the 5-20 pen in for analysis. thanks in advance...great site here.
DeeJay, I'm from Houston also. I run 10W30 in my Ford modular V8s. (Perhaps occasionally I'll run 5W30, but very seldom.) These engines "recommend" 5W20, but I am much more confident in the 10W30 in our climate over the seemingly-thin 5W20. If you want to use a high-quality synthetic 5W20, I can get Royal Purple for dirt cheap. In fact, I'm going to get some next week, so send me an email or something if you'd like to get some.
While I have sort of converted from the concept that heavier is better. I'm afraid I would still be a little reluctant to use it in the serious heat of Texas. I would (and this is just me) probably up the viscosity a bit by mixing it with some 30 wt. And I think the 0W-30 will be fine for you in the heat of the summer. Yea it might drop the milage half a mile per gallon or so.
Year round use of M1 5w30 in Houston should work very well. M1 10w30 in the summer months should do just as well.
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