M1 5-30 still rocks after 6800 miles in 6.8 ford

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May 15, 2003
Henniker New Hampshire
Just got my Blackstone report and they are recomennding extending out to 7500 miles and staying with M1. So much for me ever going back to 5-20.

Here's a link to my Mileage report with a link to the Blackstone PDF

Mileage & Oil report

This is an easy one to spot, even for me. Take a look at the additive levels of Ca, Zn, and P in the current sample vs your previous one. They are much lower. The additive pack was not up to protecting the valve train/upper cylinder as the previous oil(M1 5W-30 also?). That's my best guess at why the elevated Fe and Al numbers.

The API starburst is the sign of the Devel! Repent! Join the Church of RAP. (Real Additive Package).

I agree with Ed, Iron is too high. Is their a correlation between the recent Mobil 1 with less then 700ppm of P and 900ppm of zinc and high iron? Seems to be that way.
Ray, mix in some M1R for extra ZDP or try Amsoil and see if this makes a difference.

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Could the increase in Iron just be from short trips in the coldest part of the winter? I work 2 miles from my house, thats what I call a short trip. What should I expect from this level of abuse?

And where do I get M1R?

I posted the Blackstone report in UOA section but didn't type in the report so it got moved to interesting articles. Sorry didn't mean to get 2 threads going about this. Just wanted to post the report for peoples research and here to discuss how the M1 is doing a good job for my engine even though the Fe is higher than expected.

Ray, the increased wear could indeed be from the winter operation. The numbers aren't really that bad when you take the size of the engine and number of cylinders into account.

I think there are other 5W-30 synthetics out there that might bring those Fe numbers down, if that is your goal.

If this were my vehicle, and I were operating it as you do, I would be using AMSOIL HDD 5W-30. Just My $0.02, and that's probably all it's worth even with inflation.

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