M1 0W40 stops oil consumption?

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Apr 30, 2004
Car in question is 97 Saturn with 110,000 miles, run most of the time on dino 5W30 various brands. Oil consumption which seems typical for these cars trended upwards over time to approx 1000 miles / quart. No external leaks. After discovering BITOG, I have dumped in Mobil 1 0W40 and have run 2000 miles with essentially zero oil consumption. Comments?
Yup, I saw this happen with M1 0W-40 on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (V6), and a 2001 Audi A4 2.8Q (also a V6). With the Eclipse, oil consumption was reduced after a couple of thousand miles, and with the A4, the oil consumption went to zero after a couple of oil changes.
Saturns are infamous for their weak piston rings. They also tend to run hotter head temps than most cars, from what I hear. Combine the two, and you get ... stuck piston rings. Do a search here or on any Saturn board for "Saturn oil consumption" and you'll unearth an ungodly amount of information. The hoops us Saturn owners have jumped through to solve this problem have met with mixed results. While it appears that the move to a thicker viscosity has helped your situation, I hate to say that the consumption will probably creep upward again. The current favorite solution is a piston soak, usually a variation on the following: pull spark plugs, pour 2-3 ounces of [insert name of favorite solvent here: Marvel Mystery Oil, B-12 Chemtool, BG-44, GM Top-End Cleaner, GM Piston and Ring Cleaner, Seafoam, Lube Control, Neutra 131 ... you get the picture] into each cylinder, let sit for X amount of hours, install spark plugs, change oil and filter, wait until it's very dark and all your neighbors are asleep, start the car and kill many mosquitos with the ensuing smoke for 10 or 15 minutes. Some have had success with Auto-RX, but I think the rule of thumb seems to be if you're using upwards of 1 quart/1000 miles, Auto-RX may not do a whole lot -- it reduced my consumption, but didn't put the dent in it that several piston soaks did. (Definitely not knocking Auto-RX -- has helped me out in all of my non-Saturn oil burners, and has also stopped a couple seal leaks in my Saturn, but the ring packs on these things are UGLY when they get carboned up.) And that's what I know about Saturns and oil consumption ...
The bottom line is you put in an A3-rated 40 weight oil and consumption stopped. A primary reason not to use an A1 30 weight.
The bottom line is you put in an A3-rated 40 weight oil and consumption stopped. A primary reason not to use an A1 30 weight.
Dr. T, do you ever have anything else to say that doesn't relate to your thick oil agenda? Their are many people who run A1 thin oils, even 20wts that don't use any oil and show low wear numbers. As the engine gets older you gradually should move to a thicker oil. [Roll Eyes]
Wow...again with the adolescent flames. Do some of you never grow up? I'm personally not pushing anything. The author of this thread posted that he saw diminished consumption with M-1 0-40 and I agreed that that's exactly what I see with A3 rated oils. If I was pushing "thick" oils, I would have told the guy to use a 15-50 or a 25-70 instead. Your comments were adolescent and non-contributory.
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