M1 0w40 in `05 1.8 Nissan Sentra

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Nov 18, 2005
levittown Pa
Hi, New to this forum, & I`m wondering if I can use M1 0w40 in my `05 Sentra. This car has been a little noisy from day one. With the 5w30 dino oil that came in it, it seems like the bearings rattle a little on startup after sitting overnight. Dealer says this is normal for these 1.8L engines. I picked up some M1 0w40 at Wally World. If I can use it, do you suggest I use it straight, or mix it with something else.

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Only use the oil weight that's directed in your new vehicle owners manual. Otherwise, you chance voiding that warranty if an oil-related issue arises.

Change the oil to another brand. Then change the filter to another brand. If the start-up noise persists then, make sure the dealer is aware of your 2nd complaint & that start-up noise is paper-documented in a service-writeup at the dealer for further reference.
Thanks for the replies. I`ll try another brand of 5w30. As for the filter,they had a sale on filters at the dealer, & I bought a few of the stock Nissan ones. Not sure who makes them
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