M1 0W-40 vs M1 5W-40 for Mercedes E55 AMG

Aug 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have a 2000 E55 AMG that I don't drive much during the winter and change the oil every spring. I put about 2000 miles on it every year. I've run out of my supply of M1 0W-40 European Car Formula and need to buy more oil for the next change. I was considering getting the M1 5W-40 Euro oil since this the first opportunity to buy some at local retail stores. Four to five years ago, I couldn't find M1 5W-40 locally but now it's everywhere.

I just wanted to know some opinions on M1 0W-40 vs 5W-40. I'm sure it's a happy to glad difference and some comments will say "it doesn't matter, use either one". But welcome any comments. I have attached my last three UOA's which have used M1 0W-40. I think it's done a good job. Wear metals have gone down every oil change, which I think is flushing out from previous long OCI's from previous owner. Thanks.


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How many miles are on the engine? That engine was built with 5-40 in mind back then but there are no arguments to stop using what you are using.
The 5W40 version has a bit more HTHS....I like it better but I'm a minority. The 0W is v. popular!
I don't think you can go wrong with either or. I prefer the 5-40 for all my Euro cars.

Pssssst....that 5.5 would take very nicely to a 100 shot of that giggity stuff.