M1 0w-40 in 2.5 Ford Duratech

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Jul 22, 2004
Memphis, TN
Oooo...my 1st posting!

1998 Ford Contour SVT
2.5l 200HP 5 speed
133,000 miles
M1 5w-30 syn for the last 50,000 miles
Motorcraft FL820s (always)
AFE drop in filter

80 miles a day/80% highway at close to 90mph (say 3750rpm). Car sees redline not too frequently.

I have used M1 5w-30 for a while, but wanted to try something different. I poured (no pun intended) over this site for the past week..basically reading every post in the different forumns that I thought were pertinant. I initially settled upon GC, but in Grand Rapids MI, I could not find it at any auto store. Every bottle of 0w-30 I found was "made in America" and not for sale outside of North America. I then agonized between M1 0w-20, 0w-40, and 10w-30. I settled upon 0w-40, for cold start lubrication, and shear resistance at high-way speed. I'm planning on going with a NAPA gold air filter as well, as my primary concern right now is engine longevity.

I have a 1996 Ford Contour with the 2.5L engine and I was using 5w-40 Shell Rotella Synthetic in it.

I most likely will resume using that when the Auto-RX treatment is done.

My only thought (since I am not all that familiar with this engine) is: I'm not sure why GC seems to not be available up there in MI?

Originally posted by haley10:

I'm not sure why GC seems to not be available up there in MI?

The US made 0W-30 is old stock. Either it hasnt sold in awhile or the regional warehouse has a backstock. It is no longer in production. This market is mostly for European Cars that require the oil meet certain ACEA and manufacture specifications which the US oil could not meet. I assume it made more economic sense to import than gear up to produce a high-quality small volume product that met the requirements.

In otherwords, be patient it is coming.

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