M/T Fluid Change in '06 Corolla

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What about the "ford honey". I put that in my Focus and it was a huge change!

I was able to change the fluid on my Focus without getting it in the air. Just broke loose the drain and fill plugs (fill plug first) from underneath and refilled from the top with a tube on the end of a funnel.
U can use ramps to drain but fill on level surface. Any API gl4 or gl5 75w90 will be fine. I would stay away from any fluid that has limited slip additive in it. Redline and amsoil are good. I know some Subaru owners use the super tech 75w90 w zero problems and it under $6 ea.
I used to use MT-90 but recently changed to a 50/50 mix of MT-90 and Penzoil Synchromesh as Monkey Wrench Racing suggests.

Right from the start there was a clear difference.
There's always been a slight "crunch" felt in the stick upshifting 1-2.
Switching from Valvoline dino 75w-90 to MT-90 helped it some, but now the crunch is completely gone.
The other shifts feel really smooth too.
Time will tell how it does when it gets cold.
Averaging the 40C & 100C viscosities of the two lubes works out to about the same as MT-85, so maybe I'll try that next time.
No point in thinning MT90 since MTL and MT85 are available.
Lubegard gear fluid supplement can also be added for improved shift quality.
I also wouldn't blindly go too thin either.

You can drain and fill on the ramps. But, you'll need to cold level check on a flat level surface. Check the manual for capacity refill amount.
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