Lucas products with synthetics

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Apr 23, 2003
Hi guys I know there has been "bashing" on additives, but I have had too many people who have used these Lucas additives with great resutls to pass up trying them as preventive medicicine.

97 Nissan Pathfinder. Right now I have 4 qts of Mobil 1 15w50. I don't buy the theory that to thick is more wear, just doesn't make sense. Keep in mind these are just my opinions. Too the Mobil 1, I added about 6 oz of Lucas oil stabalizer.

In the Transmission I have Castrol Dextron 111/Mercon. To that I have added some Lucas Transmission treatment.

Here is where I noticed a great inmprovment. In the front and rear differentials, I dumped and refilled with Lucas 80w90 gear fluid, which exceeds GL 5. I noticed Bob did a test with the gears, where he added the oil stabalizer which I realize it can be added to any mineral or synthetic fluid, however he did not indicate that he used the gear lube which is a seperate prodcut from their normal stabalizer.

Power steering I siphon out old fluid and added Valvoline semi synthetic power steering fluid with a bottle of Lube Guard which I have heard great results with .

In the brake, I replaced with Valvoline synpower brake fluid.

Now, tell me, I realize that opinions are like, well you know what, but what would you change if anything. Vehicle is running great. at 113,000 miles.

PS.. Also, I went to the Nissan dealer and started using the OEM Nissan oil filter at a charge of $5.89 Thanks Frank

Like I said, for every post that says somthing bad about "Additives", I can find hundereds of Testomonials on the Lucas site.
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