Lucas oil

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Sep 17, 2002
Anyone run this or know anything about it? I was thinking about using it, since it looks like jegs now carries it. Lucas has become very popular with the NHRA guys, it seems like most of them run it. Right now I am running castrol gtx 10w-30 in my 01 trans am. I have been very pleased with it. I do not put a lot of miles on the car (less than 5k a year, car is stored in the winter) so I am not sure if it would be worth it to switch to synthetic. Suggestions?
I would not recommend Lucas in a motor oil... First, Lucas in all their demo machines show how the oil will climb in that little gearwheel contraption. Kinda neat EXCEPT... motors have an oil pump so why do you need an additive in a motor oil to climb? The oil has more than suffecient ability to get onto all parts of that engine. Second, you want the oil to flow and by increaseing the tacky or stickyness to an oil, it would reduce this. Ok, most think it has some ability to provide for a better wear protection.. Well, I went to the streets, got me a bottle, and run it to see how it did on a shear test. Here was the results and as you can see, it really didn't do anything for preventing wear.  - This additive is nothing more than a basic bright stock that increases the climb ability to an existing oil. Might not be bad for a rear end gear oil where no pumping is in place but not a good thing for a engine IMO.
I think he is talking about Lucas motor oil, not the oil stabilizer. jpws6, correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes, Chris A is right. I was just looking at using their oil, not the stabilizer.
I have sent Lucas 3 emails in the last 3 months and have not recieved a single reply. I asked them if their product was hard on ehite and yellow metals found in bearings and sychros in transmissions and engines. [I dont know] I also asked them if any of their products that were compatiable with ATF, were without any seal swelling additives in them. [I dont know] Every other oil compay has been really friendly and has always replied in to emails in a week or less. Looking for additional info. And as always ... Thanks !!! [Smile]
same here i sent lucas 2 emails and no replies they even said they would call back no call backs...i tell you what, synergyn called me back and responded to my emails within 24 hrs..i will buy my stuff from synergyn and i would never buy lucas...redline answers my emails so does mobil and opinion says that if they treat their customers that way then what does that tell you about lucas products...
A)Lucas' API Certified Oil Question: I spoke to a rep from them last in March2002. The comment he mad was that we use "Petroleum Base Stocks" It could mean Group III's or a blend of III's & PAO's. I do not know but the Petroleum base stock remark was very clear.
I used to use their products before I started using synthetics. I know a lot of guys that still use it. There are even some on this board. I have heard rumors that it is hard on the white and yellow metals in automotive applications. I wanted to find out what their postion was on this issue. I also know that DC absolutely does not want anything going into the transmission that has seal swelling additives in it other then those found in typical porportions in ATF. Lucas's transmission additive say's that it contains additive to swell seals. I was hoping that their might be an alternative for people to use. I know it can not be good to use their additive every place they claim it can be used. Engine oils are supposed to be a base to fight off acid and trany fluid is acid based and gear lube also acid based so even if it was used only in engine and gear lube you still have two very different chemistries we all know that Gl5 gear lube eats white and yellow metal. I was hoping that Lucas would comment and explain the whole thing to me. I will take their lack of a reply to mean that their product eats white and yellow metal. Looking for comments Please.
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