Lucas Oil 40w. Anyone know anything about it?

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, I was just talking to a very well known engine builder in the states through email the other day and he commented that in all the high horse power big dollar old era V8 engine he builds for people, he used Lucas 40w oil. I have never seen it here in Australia, so I was just wondering what are ant thoughts on it. Thanks.
I have heard the same thoughts on high HP engines. I have also been told by several engine people that they really like Lucas oil products, and highly recommend using the engine oil stabilizer. I see and read differently on this board. It is all interesting and fun to see. I have had good luck with the Lucas oil products, but of course I cannot see inside the engine as it is being circulated. The Power Steering additive has worked great, along with the transmission additive. The oil additive has made the noisy engines quiet down and run cooler operating fact the transmission temp of the cadillac STS (4T80EGM) ran much cooler with Lucas trans additive installed. I understand they are one of only a few companies that haven't had troubles with the US Federal Trade Commission, also. I am still undecided as to using them. But the experience I have had with the Lucas oil products has been positive. I did, just for personal curiosity, shake up 1/4qt of super tech 5w30 today, before adding it into the crankcase. It had gobs of bubbles and became a light tan color. It is all interesting. I guess overall I have had good luck with Lucas oil products. I will, and have, recommended them. This may not be the popular consenses, but hopefully it helps you. If you have the opportunity to feel some, it is very tacky and sticks to engine parts well. I have heard it is also a form of bright stock (sp?), which can become a black sooty carbon that sticks to engine parts. Again, I am sure you will get more help on specifics here on BITOG!! Good Luck!!
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