Lubro Moly 0W40 bought today

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Dec 30, 2005
Shreveport, Louisiana
Today I meet another BITOG member at an area gun show for the purpose of buying 12 liters of Lubro Moly 0W40 VolleSynethes Energy oil. I bought the oil and we took in the gun show together. He was from out of town and I pointed him to the nearest Pep Boys so he could buy some air filters before his return home. I told my wife I was going to meet a guy I met on the internet. It sounded kinda creepy when I said it. She was worried after all the stories you see in the news. I wasn't. I feel comfortable here in our little oil haven on the web. Surely most of the guys here are good, hard working, solid folks, and I trusted a Texan to shoot straight with me on the transaction.(No pun intended.) The oil was exactly as advertised, and I am happy to get two changes for the price I paid him. Great guys here, happy to be a part of the BITOG community. Thanks again Stuart. [Cheers!]
actually i think the people that go to gun shows are usually good people!
You're welcome, Chris! I'm sure you & your Land Rover will put that oil to good use. BTW: "meeting someone from the internet"; I never thought of that- but it *does* sound a little creepy, doesn't it? [Big Grin]
I've met someone from this forum, too. It was glxpassat. I bought 10 quarts of M1 0w40 from him in early '05. Nice fella that glxpassat. I agree that "going to meet a guy I met on the internet" sounds really bad, but when the purpose of the meeting is to aquire great oil on the cheap, it's all good. [Smile]
Wait until you tell your wives/girlfriends/friends that you are going to meet an Elfe Meister you met on the, THAT's CREEPY [Eek!] !
you are going to meet an Elfe Meister you met on the internet.... Some information a man just has to take with him to his grave.
[LOL!] [LOL!] [LOL!]
robbobster, the funny thing is that an ammo dealer I stopped and bought from was telling a story of two guys the day before that had tried to swipe some ammo from him. They didn't get far of course. I can't think of any place with a higher density of law enforcement types anywhere on the planet.
well, as long as you don't tell your wife/gf that you're meeting a guy from the internet to go see Breakback Mountain, you should be ok! [No no]
from VOLLSYNTHESE ENERGY MOTOR OIL 0W40: API SJ/CF/SH/EC/CF; ACEA A3-98/B3-98; MB 229.1 Performance Level: VW 502 00, 505 00; Porsche all vehicles VOLLSYNTHESE MOTOR OIL 5W40: API SM/CF; ACEA A3-98/B3-98 Issue2/B4-98; Liqui Moly recommend this product for vehicles for which the following pecifications are required: VW 502 00 and 505 00, BMW Longlife -98; MB 229.1, 229.3; Porsche all models
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