Lubrication for the Trunk Hinges

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Aug 22, 2004
Little Rock, USA
Dear Members, I am using 1998 Toyota Camry. When I am opening my trunk it's making the noise. I wants to lubricate these hinges. Please let me know which lubricant I need to use to make them smooth. Thank You Chand
My preference for hinges is white lithium grease in spray form. It will stay there a long time and not drip. But you can use almost any kind of lubricant on those hinges (lithium grease, cv (moly) grease, engine oil, ATF, silicone oil, graphite, teflon etc).
I agree with Bar1-some lubricants will attract dirt and dust. White grease seems to be better at not attracting dust while still maintaining lubricating properties.
For open surfaces I use a crayon-type of wax lubricant, which has less potential of making a mess on anything that touches it, like your clothes.
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