lubrication engineers monolec 8800 uoa

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Sep 3, 2009
puerto rico
hi this is my first post,been reading for a long time and thought i might share my uoa with you guys,Ive learn a lot from you,for that am grateful looking to hear from you guys thanks in advance.My truck is an E350 7.3 psd with dp tuner chip with 80econo,120race file,airdog fuel filtration,oil is lubrication engineers monolec8800 15w40,also trans fluid is lubrication engineers alltrans EHP 1150. Just hope the picture upload right.
Just type it in. There are so many issues with uploading and/or viewing pictures due to differnces of IE, FireFox, etc. that most of us try to accomdate all by manually typing it in. It's a pain, but it's available to all that way.
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