Lubricants For Car Door Hinges

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They seem to respond well to just about anything. My favorite is white lithium grase in an aerosol can. It's in a solvent so it flows into small spaces, then the solvent evaporates leaving the grease. A few drops of whatever engine oil your are using works well too.
Spray silicone seems to work well on the hinges themselves as part of my every oil change, spray anything that moves. I struggled with the detent on my truck for years, silicone, oil, graphite, etc., nothing seemed to last. Finally I tried a little LubriPlate. Lasts longer than anything else I used. Now, the tube is almost empty, and I never see it anywhere. May try Sil-Glyde.
I have been using a mix of 70% LC20 30% Synthetic ATF in an appropriate spray bottle. I had some concern about it on paint, but it does not seem to hurt. It works better on heavier Porsche doors, where resistance is the issue. Doesn't do much on my Honda Civic doors wich weigh about an ounce and have no inertia. Maybe lithium grease better there
Originally posted by Islander: Anybody have any definite preference with respect to a lubricant for car door hinges?
IMHO, white lithium grease (in a spray can), is the best lubricant for automobile hinges. Silicone spray works also, but lasts nowhere near as long as the lithium does.
Forgot to say thanks for the opinions. I had been sort of switching back and forth between silicone spray and white lithium grease (spray can)
I found the best anti-rust for GM door hinges to be my rifle oil ... ie... Rem-Oil with Teflon spray. Use it on my driveway gate hinges also -- plus the two gliding tracks for my automatic garage door opener.
Anyone of the above suggestions should work just fine. I've been using leftover Red Line CV-2 grease but almost anything will do. The important thing is to use something.
i try to use whatever the factory reccomends or close to it. which in my case is high urea grease?
I've actually gone the other way on this one. I used to lube hinges and all that say twice a year, but after awhile it seemed a waste of time and a mess. Now I wait for a squeek and take care of it right away.
BigAl: "Slide brand spray Super Grease works great for almost anything. It is clear and won't migrate." Where do you get this stuff? - Glenn
I alternate between spray lithium grease and gear oil. The spray grease doesn't seem to penetrate as well as the gear oil, Mobil 1 75W-90 is my '3 in 1 oil' that I use everywhere, but won't displace as quickly as the oil.
I vote for white lithium grease. It's silenced a squeak in the door of my wife's car for well over a year now.
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