Lubing my chassis

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May 18, 2005
Levittown, PA
Hey All - In conjunction with performing my very first oil change this coming weekend, I was wondering about how I could lube the chassis. I realize that I need some sort of grease gun, so can anyone recommend one? Also, do I need to buy a special kind of grease? Finally, how do the fittings look under my truck (2005 Chevy Silverado 1500)? Thanks in advance for any help.
You could really skip it this time. But, if you don't- You need a regular grease gun, preferably with a flex hose and some regular grease in it. I think there are about 6 grease fittings. Look at the drive shaft and U-joints, and there might be some on the A-arms. Other than that, that is about it. I think the ball joints and tie rod ends are sealed.
I would get one of the guns that has a "trigger" instead of the long lever arm for pumping grease. That way you can hold the hose on the fitting with one hand and hold and pump the grease gun with the other hand..... the ones with the lever can be difficult to use without three hands in some situations.
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Originally posted by Wasuchi: I would get one of the guns that has a "trigger" instead of the long lever arm for pumping grease.
I agree with this suggestion. Take a good look at the front end suspension and steering components. There could be as many as 10 in the front. U-joints may be greasable, and it's possible that part of the driveshaft will have a fitting. Clean the fittings off good before greasing. Just use any grease that's NLGI GC-LB. I like moly greases for the chassis. Some components will be sealed, but still have a grease fitting. Pumping grease in will pressurize the boot and may cause it to rupture during use. Don't grease these. Just watch the boot for pressurization to avoid this if you're unsure what sealed vs. non-sealed boots look like.
iirc there are 4 total on that car. they have them on the tie rod ends and upper ball joints. you will need a grease gun with an angle on it to get to the uppers. there are none on the drivetrain.
there are more then 4 check the whole steering linkage you'll have about for the linkage alone, plus the balljoints and if you have any slip joints on the drive shafts and u-joints maybe
There might be 11 or 12... IIRC my ZR2 has 12. I like the lincoln brand handle grease guns and mystik regular grease, which is nice and tacky, and performs good. Ive yet to figure out how to use a right angle grease adapter properly... Sometimes you need one of those on some of the inner joints, depending upon clearance. JMH
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