Luberfiner LFP5570 virgin cut

Ontario, Canada
Hello BITOG!

Another filter found in the garage, unused, with no use or home to be found for it. It got cut up in the name of BITOG science!

There is one old cut & post of this particular filter that I found, but pictures were long since gone. This unit was in excellent shape:

can front.jpg
can batch code.jpg

Made in USA :cool:
can bottom.jpg
can top inside.jpg
base cut open.jpg
can filter open top.jpg
empty can top.jpg

Filter media is a cellulose/paper type:
filter media side.jpg

Glued in place quite well, very even with no blobs:
filter glue.jpg

Media itself is actually quite strong and didn't deflect easily at all:
filter media close up.jpg

Hope you'll enjoy! 😁🍺