Lubegard - How long did it take for you to notice.

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Mar 1, 2012
HUdson Valley, NY
Hello folks, After reading Lubegard over and over here and also making a couple of threads about it, last weekend, I added Lubegard to my 2006 Sentra ATF. The goal was to get rid of the jerk that I get during 1st to second shift. This seems to be a standard problem with Nissan transmissions but many suggested benefit using Lubegard. Since addition, I have driven less than 50 miles of city traffic but I feel it more pronounced (instead of disappearing). It was better with just plain Matic Type D ATF. My question is how long did it take for you to notice the benefit? This car rarely goes on the highway because of the small dents that I noticed on the wheels (one tiny yet noticeable dent on each wheel on the internal side of the wheel. The car shakes beyond 60mph) and I don't want to spend money getting new rims just yet.
My Escape with the notoriously unreliable CD4E at high mileage wasn't shifting right, I added Lubegard red and it's perfect now. I don't mean better, I mean perfect. I mean, I don't have a brand new car of the same type of comparison but I feel it will last me a while longer now. Very impressive. As far as how soon I noticed, it only took the less than five miles home from the auto parts store to feel "better"... the next day when I went on the highway my primary problem with the transmission, lurching between gears at consistent highway speeds, was gone.
I added it to mine (2003 Envoy 4.2L) about a month ago to help ease a rough 1st to 2nd shift when the vehicle is cold. It hasn't really helped in a few hundred miles. But hasn't made things worse, either. I don't want to change the fluid (it is still pretty red), but am thinking I might need to put in synthetic for it to go away.
Did you add the whole bottle? If you only did a drain & fill with new ATF plus LG and only added the 1 oz of LG per qt of ATF(Recommended), this may not be enough as the tranny holds, hmmmmm, 9+ qts. Just sayin'!
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I have used LG Red in my 1991 Ranger. It had the "reverse bang" they were sometimes known for. I had changed to Mobil 1 ATF thinking that would help. No noticeable difference. I added a bottle of LGR and within maybe 150 miles it was a lot better. Many eons ago, Trav had corresponded with them and they replied one could safely double the dose. So I did grin Within maybe 50 miles, it was a bunch better. It was surprising, given the good quality of Mobil 1. LGR is the real deal. A double dose won't hurt anything. If the trans is on it's way out, it won't hasten anything and may buy you a few more miles. As others have said, if you haven't changed to synthetic ATF, it would be a good idea. HTH.
Depends on how much you added. I noticed a difference in an old equinox in about 500 miles but it can vary/no change. Depends ultimately on what the issue is.
2002 Volvo V70 A TCM reload improved my shifting LG red (at the 1 oz. per qt. system capacity) smoothed it out even more. It hurt to trust but I believe now.
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2002 Volvo V70 A TCM reload improved my shifting LG red (at the 1 oz. per qt. system capacity) smoothed it out even more. It hurt to trust but I believe now.
LOL It can be a bitter pill for some, I'm not saying you. But admitting it is a big step in the right direction. It is a great product, and highly respected.
Many automatic transmission repair/rebuild facilities swear by Lubegard and add it to every vehicle's transmission that they rebuild as a standard practice.
Yeah this may be a day late, dollar short, but I too have an 06 sentra with a 2.5l in it. I changed out the fluid in the trans to Max Life and that jerk or whatever from first to second is pretty much gone now.
my older f150 has the shuttermatic AODE/4R70 it was down right annoying and a fluid flush didn't help what so ever i used castrol mercon 5. a local friend told me about lubegard and i promptly added to bottles of the black friction modifier and the it quit shuttering around 100 miles after adding. that was two years ago and it still doesn't shutter! im a firm believer in it.
Drain or replace what you can and replace tranny filter and add Lubegard. Its agreat product but wont fix negligence. It might work better if you drive around for a oci and drain, refill ATF and add another bottle. Many report that works too.
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