LubeDev Articles

Nov 29, 2002
I tried doing a search on there articles to see what others think and failed to find a clear answer. I'm amazed what LubeDev reccomends to there readers and there tips for improving MPG's A few things in particular I do question. One is using a heavy oil, even in wintry conditions. The writer reccomends using 15w40 in cold conditions and 20w50 or 40wt oil in the summer time. I find this kind of bogus but I am willing to listen to reason if they think heavier oil is better for MPG's Another thing is they mention the use of using 1 tire size above stock for also improved MPG's and ride quality. I can see the writer's point in this because a bigger tire would help to bring down the RPM's ar cruising speeds thus saving more fuel. However, if you say have 225 tires and you go with 235's won't that put a lug on the motor and tranny??? LubeDev mentioned many things I questioned about getting good MPG's and long engine life. Too many for me to list in 1 post. My main question is how accurate is LubeDev overall??? Please be real, no bashing, just facts. Thank you,,,,,AR