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Aug 20, 2003
hey everyone, i was wondering what syn has the lowest temp, pumability ????, i know amsoil has a low pour temp, but what about the over the counter brands ???? the wal-mart tech 2000 5w-30 states -45 pour on the back of the bottle, which is the same as M1 5w-30, the last few winters i have used the tech 2000, 0w-30, and was wondering if there is anything better, for my winter use ??? thanks niko
Use a 0W-30. It will be thinner at cold temps than any 5W-30 from -35C up. A 0W-30 meets a viscosity spec at -35C and a pumpability spec at -40C. There may be some group 4/5 5W-30 synthetics with a lower pour point, but the published pour point numbers have always seemed pretty subjective to me. As for which 0W-30? I used Tech 2000 0W-30 last winter. It started easily and I didn't see any oil consumption. It meets a lot of specs, including JASO, it's made in Canada, and it's relatively inexpensive. There's a lot of choices for 0W-30's and I think they'd all be OK. German Castrol is popular around this site, or M1, or Amsoil. Those 3 would probably provide lower pour points than the Tech 2000 as they are group 4/5 (I would assume the Tech 2000 is group 3). This would be a plus if you see temps below -40C.
Castrol Syntec 0w30 (Made in Germany) has a pour point of -61C/-78F, which I think is the lowest published pour point of any OTC oil.
I used to store my cars outside during the winter and used Shell Rotella T 0w30 synthetic blend. It's half the price of comparable synthetics and is a great oil.
[Cool] I used Mobil 1 0w-30 this past winter in my 4.0 SOHC Ranger (calls for 5w-30) but the UOA after 5k wasn't all that great. I think a 5w-30 synthetic is okay for most people south of the Arctic Circle. I also think that every engine is different and you should let the UOA tell the tale. My .02. [Cheers!] [ June 16, 2004, 05:51 PM: Message edited by: JohnnyO ]
It is interesting that ester-based synthetic oils like GC 0W30(-78F), MOTUL 0w30(-76F), 0w40(-76F), Neo 0w-5(-80F) 5w30(-65F) and Kem-O-Pro 5w30(-75F) have very low pour point. In general, is it a fair statement that Group V oils have lower pour point than PAO and/or Group 3 oils? Here are the properties of those oils mentioned above; MOTUL 0w30 http://www.turbofrogperformance.com/PDF_files/8100_E-tech_Lite_0W-30.pdf MOTUL 0w40 http://www.turbofrogperformance.com/PDF_files/8100_E-tech_0W-40.pdf Neo 0w5 http://www.neosyntheticoil.com/0w5.htm Neo 5w30 http://www.neosyntheticoil.com/5w30.htm Kem-O-Pro 5w30 http://www.kemopro.com/tp/seo/912.html
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