Lowering springs

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Sep 28, 2002
My daughter's boyfriend lowered (and ground effected) his 94 Cavalier. Without the ground effects it would probably be okay.

Do you have front and rear swaybars? This would be a cheaper alternative to lowered springs. You should also be able to get regular springs in a higher rating ..or the same rating in a more "progressive" coil (varied spacing-light for the first xx inches of travel ..stiff for the remaining x inches of travel). The main problem that I would see is that any lowered spring (as in packaged) tends to be real low ..doing nasties to the steering/wheel/tire stuff.

There appears to be a lack of definitive sources for your Corolla for swaybars. Plenty for the former generation and for the newest.
Thanks Gary. It does have front and rear swaybars but there are no aftermarket pieces available. The pro kit springs only lower it by 1 inch front and rear and are progressive. I don't know of any stock height springs that are stiffer, but it would definetally look cleaner with a slight lowering.
I guess the tire/wheel combo adds much to the close fit on the lowered wheel well/opening. I don't see how some get away with it. So if you're staying with the stock wheel setup, it probably won't have the same issues.

We have the good fortune in this area of having Reading Spring. They'll manufacture any coil or leaf setup that you desire ..for a reasonable cost. Gotta love that left over PA dutchman tight wad tendancy. No one in Berks county parts with a $ before it screams for mercy. Gas is routinely $0.20 cheaper there.
Does anyone have them on a car that's not exactly a performance car? I'm sure some will think this is lame, but I'm thinkin about a set of Eibach Pro-kits for my 94 Corolla. It's just wallowy as heck at speed over eneven pavement and its got body roll like no other, but the car actually handles pretty freakin good for what it is. I'm just concerned that it'll go from fairly smooth to downright harsh but at the same time, I think it may actually help ride quality cause like I said, it's all wallowy and bouncy (even with new struts) over uneven/rough pavement. Thanks
You might try a better more performance oriented shock first. Something with more dampening might get rid of some of the "wallowy" feel even though it won't help body roll during steady state conditions. If you go with stiffer springs you'll likely need better shocks anyway...
That is the problem with shocks isn't it. I've had all different brands on different vehicles and what's really stiff on one vehicle might be fine or too soft on another. Without riding in the same vehicle you have with the shock brand and model you want to use, there's just no way to tell.

An example - Standard KYB's on a RWD Corolla I had were really stiff. Standard KYB's on a 4Runner like mine are hardly any stiffer than the stockers.
Ah the memories... The patented wallow-master 2000 suspension.

My 1996 Corolla (okay so it was really my girlfriend's car - I would never have picked it) felt like it was going to flip over going around even gentle bends.

It was a well built car but their design philosophy was all wrong for me. I don't require a car to be blindingly fast, but I can't stand driving something that isn't nimble.

I will probably never be ready to buy any Toyota product after that experience. It did make me believe in the apocryphal tale of VW engineers doing a competitive evaluation of the Camry and driving off the road going around a corner. "Zis is zee best selling car ein Amerika???? Sheisse!"
I changed the factory set up on my Acura 3.2TL and went with H&R OE Sport springs (1" F/.75" R), Bilstein struts and Eibach sway bars. In combination with plus-1 wheel/tire, the ride is a lot more controlled yet still smooth and compliant; an overall vast improvement. I considered going with a lower spring but didn't want to deal with the associated alignment issues.
I put Monroe Senstatracks on all 4 corners last year and they SUCK. I'm thinkin Tokicos at this point but they may be bone jarring and teeth shattering.
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