Low Mileage Moog Strut Rod bushings

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Oct 16, 2010
Moog problem solvers, installed in early 2008.

They are different than the originals. They have a metal ring on the inside bushing embedded in the rubber intended to keep the strut rod centered in the frame mount. The bushing on the back side has a thick plastic washer and no centering mechanism.

Here they were when new, and this orientation is how Moog's instructions said to install them:

Here is how they appeared when I took off the backside bushing. There was no budging this back into center. They were centered when installed. 100% sure.



Apparently braking hard in reverse is enough to pull this metal ring out from the center, never to return.


I used polyurethane replacements and hope they do not transmit a noticeable increase of road vibrations and noise to the frame.

I lubed them with Syl-glide before installation.

Perhaps the rear reversed cupped washer on the Moog instructions is responsible for the metal centering ring pulling out from the center
the moogs. Are you sure the upper washer (next to the nut) is not reversed? I think that could have contributed to the center support ring coming out.

Moog could have made a mistake with orienting how the washer should be. Washers should always cup the bushing.
Both the instructions which came with this kit, and the markings on the washers themselves indicated that the rear washer is to face away from the rear bushing..

I too believe this reversed washer contributed to the uncentering.

Rest assured the new bushings are hugged as seems proper.
Strut rod bushings made me hate my Ram Wagon. I swear that any decent amount of forward braking smashed them into pancakes. I used factory, aftermarket, and everything. No avail.
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