Low mileage Hundai Kona 5w-20 or 5w-30?

Dec 30, 2008
Help guys. My new Kona has 17k on it and will need an oil change soon. I've run PUP 5w-30 and over the winter PUP 5w-20. I didn't really notice a difference in fuel economy. The weather's warming up and I don't know what to use now. The owners manual recommends 5w-20 and it also says something or other that you can use 5w-30 "If u want to" or whatever.
So what do you guys think? The car really doesn't seem to care. Is the 30 going to protect the engine better or will the 20 be able to squeeze into tight clearances better and reduce wear?
Another question I was wondering about... Would it be a good idea to go straight to a "high mileage" oil? I mean, the way I understand it, the high mileage oils have more of the "good" anti-wear additives because they feel like the catalytic converter is about out of warranty so it doesn't matter... but to whom?
Also I've been running PUP but its hard to find and PP is readily available. Is there really a difference?
So 5w-30 or 20... PUP or PP... regular or "high mileage?"
...anybody know how long Amazon is taking to deliver a jug of oil right now?
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I see no reason to run 5w30 unless you are repeatedly subjecting it to stressful situations (such as towing) and are seeing negative effects like oil pressure loss. Thicker is not always better. I would get whichever of those two Pennzoil varieties is on sale as they're both pretty good. Not sure which motor yours has, but it looks like that car is available with their popular engines which I can't imagine are going to be very hard on oil. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong here.

Best way to tell your ship date for oil is to put it in the cart and see what it shows you. Stuff that's being delayed as non-essential will usually show 2-3 weeks out despite being in stock.
Thanks dparm. The Kona has the 2.0L Atkinson Cylcle engine. Its non turbo. The car isn't stressed in any way. Basic transportation with regular longer range, highway speed usage.
Although It will probably start seeing some moderate idling with the A/C on to keep the interior comfortable. Moderate as in no longer than 5 minutes at a time idling with the A/C on.
This Kona has the Atkinson 2.0L "Nu" engine... no GDI. Only old school port injectors...
My 200k mile 2012 Accent w/ GDI never had any issues with dilution. 7500+ mile oil changes. And get this... it has 22k+ mile German Castrol oil in the sump right now that's a year old. Now it did see 6 qts. of make up GC but I'm not too worried about it. Wouldn't you guys like to see an analysis of that ???
We had a loaner Kona. Nice little car ...
If you are not driving nice & easy (i.e. driving fast and revving high), move up.
I've never used HM oil in any car and I've had or still have cars well over 200, 300 and 400K miles ...
I've run both 5W-20 and 5W-30 in my 2.0L Nu, but 95% of the time I run 5W-30. I've never had any issues with it, I get great UOAs with it, so I see no reason to change.
Split the difference : 5W30 D1 / Gen 2 rated synthetic oil April to Oct. and same in 5W20 from Oct. to April (with 5K mile OCI's) .
Normal two day shipping on my shop supplies/oil this week. You'll see the delivery date when you put the item in your cart on Amazon.

They're stretched, and some products are delayed, but it appears that oil is not one of those. Your area may vary from mine. Depends on local demand/situation.

I, too, like the PUP 5W30. Right now, it's $23.72 for a 5qt jug.
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I would use any Dexos 1 Gen 2 5w30 oil.

How you like the Kona so far? Seriously considering it to replace my aging Honda Fit.
5-30 in the cold + 10-30 in warmer weather for better protection as heavier oils have a thicker oil film + protection
Originally Posted by benjy
5-30 in the cold + 10-30 in warmer weather for better protection as heavier oils have a thicker oil film + protection

How is 10w-30 thicker than 5w-30 at operating temperatures. I've used 0w-20 and 0w-30 in SC Summer heat. Guess I really messed up?
5W30 PUP. Change every 5K. I'm guessing you dumped the factory-fill at 3k - had the next OC at 10 and the most recent sits at 17k.

Both Korean makers declare most purchasers as being Severe Users. That's listed in the manual as 3.75k and that's why I suggest using the in-between number of 5K, which sits between 3.75 and 7.5. Dealers won't complain about 5 if a warranty service call is needed, unless the engine was somehow oil-abused... meaning incorrect grades of oil outside of what the manual lists - repeatedly run too low-of-oil on the dipstick, or running too low of octane, like E85 - thus lspi encounters.....etc.
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Originally Posted by j_mac
This Kona has the Atkinson 2.0L "Nu" engine... no GDI. Only old school port injectors...

Exactly. No fuel dilution worries.
This motor is fine with 5w-20.
It is also fine with 5w-30.

As for High Mileage oils, while they may have a more "robust" add pack, that does not necessarily mean better.
It won't hurt to use a HM oil, but won't really help either.

As for PUP vs PP, no difference for your vehicle.

Change the oil on a regular basis within the manufacturers recommendation and you will not have an oil related issue.
Using Supertech Synthetic or PUP will not make a difference except in the cost of an oil change.
Nice car, I like the Kona. I would go with Mobil 1 5w20, 0w20 EP. Both have great base oils and a lower SA (sulfated ash) than PP which is beneficial for helping to reduce intake valve deposits.

*correction, it's not a GDI. I'd use regular PP/PUP.
We have the 2.0 in our new Soul. My recommendations for it are the same as the 2.4, 5w30 10w30 or 0w20, which is built stronger than the 5w20 and matches the same viscosity range of a 5w20, when/if a UOA is done. Dealwerships are well-aware of fuel dilution concerns and their oil-shear allowances at UOA-time, fall within a 0W20 range.