Low Emissions Motor Oil

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Mar 13, 2005
Front Range, Colorado
Is there an oil (synthetic, vegetable, dino) that will have very low emissions? I need to do an emissions test with land cruiser 311,000 mi. It has lots of blow-by gasses from the crankcase.

I would only need the oil in there to pass the dynamometer emissions test. Then I will go back to RotellaT 5w40 and MOS additive combo.
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you need a heavy weight oil

this stuff is ridiculously heavy, but if you just need it to get past an emission test, it might be ok



As terrifying as it sounds and is, it actually works for this kind of stuff
My old man used Penrite 40w70 in his Pajero to stop smoke and blow by and it did exactly that. But I still made him drop it and replace it with MaxLife 20w50.
Another option you have is to drop a bottle or two of the dreaded Lucas Oil Stabilizer in there just to pass the smog test. This also worked great for us by stopping blow by and oil usage but yet again it is a teporary measure then return to your normal oil after
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Pour a bottle of "Guaranteed to Pass" into the gas tank, too. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

Find it here.

This. Plus change the oil right before you go for the test. Air filter, pcv..follow instructions on guaranteed to pass emissions formula. WM has it for 8.87$
Oh can't believe I forgot about Liqui Moly MoS2! Haha
It plates the cylinder walls restoring most if not all compression, which reduced slight blow by and oil consumption to absolute zero in my car, and it's probably the cheapest option as well as being good for your engine
I used mos2 and mos additive to reduce startup smoke. It works.
Looking for something that doesn't burn just to keep the blow by gasses at a min and oil from burning during the test. Then I would go back to rotellat 5w40 / mos or mos2 / mos combos.

Looking at a industrial conola oil from Cargil or other. They burn at a different rate than motor oil and when burned they don't give off toxic fumes that the emission tester looks for.
From what I understand, the long term affects of vegi oil is it will not burn off the cats and might plug it over time. But I will be using it for short term. With 411,000 miles on the vehicle, it's already on "short term" use.
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