Lots of Motorcraft 5w-20 SM spotted near Nashville, TN

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Franklin, TN Walmart has Motorcraft SM "Premium Synthetic Blend" 5w-20 SM for $1.52 each. Display case is in front of automotive area. Get it before it's gone...
This past Wed I was at the Walmart in Newton NJ and they HAD 7 cases of Motorcraft 5W-20, I bought a case [Big Grin] . You had to buy it by the case for $18.24/case=12 quarts. Ironically they had more Motorcraft Oil filters than SuperTech oil filters. I scored 2 more Motorcraft FL820S for $2.97/each. They're plenty more left. Previously they had no Motorcraft poducts on the self. Maybe this is what they had in the oil change department behind the store and they are clearing out all Motorcraft branded products from their stores [I dont know] . Buy it while they got it [Smile] . Whimsey
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