Lots Of German Castrol In Michigan

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Jul 1, 2002
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Hello Fellow GCer's, There are lots of bottles of German Castrol in the Autozone of Michigan. Autozone near my home has some GC mixed in with the american made Castrol. Went to the local Autozone near my work to buy some more GC, at first I couldn't find it, no 0W-30 on the shelf, looked for the label for 0W-30 Castrol, there was a 5W-20 in that row, picked it up and presto! it was all GC behind it! Many quarts, all in a row, all M03 on the bottom, I haven't seen the M05 at either Autozone yet. Couple of weeks ago, I was telling my wife about how Castrol has two completely different products labels 0W-30, one made here and another made in Germany. When I told my wife the German Castrol smelled somewhat of Gummi Bears, her eyebrow went up, I said 'Hold on' and went to get a bottle, let her smell herself, she agreed the oil did smell sweet, and the oil is green, her favorite color. I asked her if she would like the green oil for her next oil change? [Big Grin] She gave me a big smile... I have enough GC for a couple of 10,000 mile OCI's
Now I ask all of you what OTHER oil can provide primo lubrication for your engine or the engines of those you love and appeal to them esthetically as well...NONE that isn't brewed by the kleines herren in der Schwarzwald. [Cheers!]
Not open for further replies.