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Jul 10, 2003
Not Seattle, but close.
I haven't pulled the valve cover from my4.0 litre engine, but I have periodically shone a light down the oil filler hole and taken a peek inside. I don't see much sign of anything nasty like sludge, or even a lot of varnish. I've been using Castrol GTX for 86K miles, but after reading all the previous discussions, I'm thinking maybe I'll change. But to what? I'm not sure I want to go with Mobil1 or another synthetic. And I know everyone has their personal opinions and favorite oils, but realistically, what dino oil is a better choice?
Castrol GTX has posted solid UOA numbers, so if it's serving you well I don't see any need to switch.
I think that GTX as G-Man II pointed out is good stuff. As long as you are sticking with Dino-I wouldn't switch. However-I guess on second thought: If I were running the Dino stuff-I would give serious thought to trying the Schaeffer stuff. That would ba "curiosity-killed-the-cat" type of thing though. [Smile] I would do an alalysis on the GTX and then the Schaeffers. I'm off of the deep end though [LOL!]
Dino is short for dinosaur or conventional oil. It is known as group 1, 2, 3 with 3 being the best stock. 4 and higer are synthetic. I have spent dozens of hours on this site and I have only scratched the surface! Spend a little time and you will learn a TON of great info!!!! Hopes this helps and have fun!
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