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Jul 10, 2003
Not Seattle, but close.
I haven't pulled the valve cover from my4.0 litre engine, but I have periodically shone a light down the oil filler hole and taken a peek inside. I don't see much sign of anything nasty like sludge, or even a lot of varnish. I've been using Castrol GTX for 86K miles, but after reading all the previous discussions, I'm thinking maybe I'll change. But to what? I'm not sure I want to go with Mobil1 or another synthetic. And I know everyone has their personal opinions and favorite oils, but realistically, what dino oil is a better choice?
Castrol GTX has posted solid UOA numbers, so if it's serving you well I don't see any need to switch.
I think that GTX as G-Man II pointed out is good stuff. As long as you are sticking with Dino-I wouldn't switch.

However-I guess on second thought: If I were running the Dino stuff-I would give serious thought to trying the Schaeffer stuff. That would ba "curiosity-killed-the-cat" type of thing though.

I would do an alalysis on the GTX and then the Schaeffers. I'm off of the deep end though
Dino is short for dinosaur or conventional oil. It is known as group 1, 2, 3 with 3 being the best stock. 4 and higer are synthetic. I have spent dozens of hours on this site and I have only scratched the surface! Spend a little time and you will learn a TON of great info!!!! Hopes this helps and have fun!
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