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Jul 20, 2004
Durham Region, Ontario, Canada
Hi there, I've been around here a few times and gotten some useful info from this site. I drive an 02 Sentra SE-R Spec V. Recently, due to manufacturing flaw, I had my motor replaced. I ran the stock 5W-40 oil from the factory for 1,500km. Then I put in (based on UOA from here) Castrol Syntec Blend. I intend to run this for 5,000km. This will put me at 6,000km on this new engine. My deisre is to run Mobil 1 10W-30 at the next interval. I would like an opinion on running this choice to 10,000km(7500mi) with a Nissan filter change at 5,000km(3000mi) [I notice how small these filters are, wish they were bigger] I've read that this oil seems to be capable of this. My driving habits are mostly rural roads at 80km/h for 40km one way to work. I also use Lucas Oil UCL in 2oz/50L mixture for preventive maint. I live in Durham Region Ontario. Any opinions here? I notice that Canadian Tire sells Amsoil 5W30 ASL IIRC. I suppose I could run this, but Mobil is cheaper for my shorter OCI in this case. Thanks BTW Patman- notice you live in Mississauga. Where do you go for your UOA's, and how much are they? I'd like to give this a shot [ July 21, 2004, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: luvs2drive ]
I get my oil analyzed right here in Mississauga actually, from Wearcheck Canada. I'll send you the info in a private message.
[Roll Eyes] I too have a SE-R and wondered why they replaced the engine. You didn't use Lucus in a new engine did ya.Yes M1 5/30 or 10/30 will work I expect but now that I got the word that the wear #ers are better I will go with AMSOIL 10/30 or 5/30 if it gets to be fall. I live in Fl. so its not like there. Someone told me you can get a SDF 15 Amsoil filter to fit its bigger. But the OEM is a very good one as is the NAPA gold. Enough of my rambling happy motoring. [Big Grin]
You should do just fine running m1 10w-30 supersyn for 7500 miles per oil change. If you want to change the filter at 3k, thats even better. You would have fine results changing the filter every 7500 miles with the oil as well. A friend of mine has the same car and uses m1, with a 10k change interval and i think he has 55k or so on the new engine and hes doing fine. I personally run 10k OCI in most of my vehicles, including a 87 toyota 4x4 with 419k miles on it, that i used m1 with 10k OCI from day 1. Currently i have a 2003 chevy cavailer that i am doing 7500 mile oil changes in, 1 filter per change. A UOA will give you peace of mind but if you want to go in blind, i am pretty sure i recall my friends SER Spec V being pretty good to the oil. Good Luck.
Originally posted by RedWolf4000: I personally run 10k OCI in most of my vehicles, including a 87 toyota 4x4 with 419k miles on it, that i used m1 with 10k OCI from day 1.
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