Looking to buy Schaeffers oil

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Apr 29, 2003
After reading the comments and oil analysis results from everyone I have decided that I definitely want to give this Schaeffers oil a try.

A simple question that I couldn't come with an answer on, when everyone refers to using Schaeffers oil are they talking about the Supreme 7000 or the Micron Moly? I have a 2001 Acura Integra Type R which is my daily driver and attends autocross or HPDE road course events monthly. Just wanted to know what Schaeffers oil I should be looking at.

Also about buying Schaeffers oil, I realize Tim Mills on here sells it mail order. I'd like to know though if anyone is aware of any southern California distributors where I may be able to pick up the oil locally.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
The Supreme 7000 #703 10w-30 should work very well for you. This PAO blend will give you more miles between oil changes, as well as the other Schaeffer benefits...I know you're not interested in better cold starts in O.C. unless you're a skier.

What would then warrant the use of the Micron Moly? It looked very appealing but I couldn't tell, is it a race oil?
The Micron Moly is just the name of their dino oil,I'm pretty sure the additive package is the same between the two.I'm running the Micron in the tractors and truck but am going to switch to the blend towards fall even though I didn't have any trouble starting anything last winter but it should flow a little quicker.I've had great success using the Neutra as an oil purge before switching,and in the fuel also.You'll be more than happy with their oil in your vehicle.
Tim Mills is great! He is as good as Frank, who sells the Auto-RX. I bought stuff from him and he is willing to sell small quantities. In comparison, I emailed the Schaeffer's rep in Colorado and never even received a reply to my email. After my experience with the Colorado rep, I figured I would never buy any Schaeffer's Oils product. But Tim Mills is completely different! I am going to try Schaffer's Oil in my car before I buy a caseful. I am very happy with the Chevron oil I am using right now (I started using it after people at this site said that it was good oil), but Schaeffer's Oil is apparently a considerable bit better. Some people talk about the Schaeffer's being expensive, but the part synthetic is only about 3 bucks-Mobil 1 right now is something like 5 bucks and change! Now yes, there are shipping costs, but if a person decides they like Schaeffer's Oil, you can buy by the caseful. Obviously, people like to buy for as low of a price as they can, but you do have to pay for quality. I am going to start using K&N oil filters again. They cost about 10 bucks, but if they flow much better and help your engine last (your engine costs thousands of dollars), what does it matter if they cost 5 bucks more than a Pure One, or a Wix, or a Hastings? If you do four oil changes a year, what is twenty bucks? I figure the Schaeffer's Oil really costs about the same as a good conventional oil-after all, you can go 6000 miles with the Schaeffer's Oil.
I also owe Tim Mills some good feedback.

FedEx lost my order back in December. Tim had a new order on the way before FX even agreed to reimburse him.
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