Looking for Amsoil EaO36 oil filters

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Nov 17, 2002
Mokena, IL
Looking for EaO36 oil filters. Amsoil has discontinued this oil filter. Can you guys help me find a couple? Thanks.
I tried looking for the same filter for my S2000 I could find it anywhere, I then tried Fram PH2849A which is the same size as EaO36. As of now I have Fram Ultra XG3593A with same diameter but almost 2" shorter.
Wouldn't the Fram Ultra XG3593A be the same size as the Amsoil EaO13? Why not use this?
I think currently the best spin on oil filter for less than $12-15 is Fram ultra. It has wire-back double synthetic media with 99% efficient at 20um. Amsoil spin on oil filter was one of the best if not the best, but no more.
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What vehicle does this discontinued filter go on?
EAO36 - Ford Courier (72-82), Pinto (75-79) Height = 4.828, O.D. = 2.921, I.D. = 20X1.5MM
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