Look what I found. Ole Fram extended guard.

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It looks like the same price for lesser service life. You'd think Walmart would knock the price down between TG & XG to clear out the old stock.
I'm still using the ones that are older than that, rated at 7,000 miles. Good filters. I'm at work right now so I can't take any pics of the boxes, but they are the third ones from the left in this pic:
Its the same thing. I do not understand your point. b.c they put 2 ply and in other picture put dual layer? Im confused, what is your point?
Old stock at Walmart is no surprise. People have no conscience about keeping something 5 years and then returning it without a receipt. They are just playing by "the rules" and not thinking ethically about the guy that buys the dry rotted piece of junk or the manager that has to throw it away after sitting on the shelf for a year.
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My local Meijer has tons of xtended guards mixed in with Ultras.
The Meijer locations around us also have bunches of these mixed in with the Ultras. They should just clearance them, although they may share the same UPC.
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And? It's just old stock. Same filter with it's original name.
Just something cool I noticed. They are from 2009.
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