Long term Oil Tests

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Sep 29, 2003
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
I just got done reading the following site http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/oil-life.html Very cool test!!! But a few minor problems, the car is new, so they don't know if the results are skewed by the engine break-in, and since milage is slow, could be weeks/months between tests and different driving conditions (weather, etc.) Now I was thinking, wonder if there would be any interest in another webpage (ie mine) to do the same kind of testing. I have a 1999 Integra with 211,000 miles (338,000 kms) so no problem with wondering if results would be skewed by break-in. I also happen to drive thousands of miles a month, so tests would be more up to date, and more within a weather band. Today alone, I drove over 500 miles. Just finishing up an Auto-RX clean. If anyone is interested, I would be willing to put in all the different types of oil (Amsoil, GC, Castrol Syntec 5W30, Mobil1, Royal Purple, and anything else mentioned)
Oh yeah, 1 thing, I would plan on getting tests done at Blackstone with Dysan comments, but wondering if anyone would sponsor these, as the other site is getting. Would get your name on the tests as well.
OK, guess that answers my question. Wonder how that other guy got so many people to sponsor the tests. He seemed to have more sponsors then he had tests he could do on the oil. Plus I could have added average mpg per 1000 miles, etc. Oh well, I'll forget that idea
I think another test would definitely be a good idea! I think you'd get good support from people here as long as you put up a nice webpage for it.
Vivisector, I'm that other guy. I think the reason I get so much financial support right now is that I've been doing this test for nearly two years. When I first started it was touch-and-go; I barely stayed ahead. Also, I still subsidize about a third of the cost of the testing, and I pay for all the research myself, so it's certainly not free for me. It also helps that I was already getting half a million hits a month even *before* the study. [Wink] Well, put something together, maybe people will respond to it. Cheers, 3MP
Originally posted by Vivisector: I have a 1999 Integra with 211,000 miles (338,000 kms) so no problem with wondering if results would be skewed by break-in. I )
Yeah but what's the leak down percentage on that motor ? Some might not burn alot of oil but might still have relative poor ring seal especially at higher RPM . [ June 17, 2004, 10:26 AM: Message edited by: Motorbike ]
Holy, half a million hits before the test even started, wow. Maybe I will have to make the nice page first, and then see if there is any interest. As far as the leak-down, I have no idea. Will have to find that out. All I know is I have used Castrol Syntec after the break-in oil, and have used nothing but. Have been doing the GC for the last 24,000 miles, and am currently starting my first rinse phase in an Auto-RX treatment. Went thru the cleaning phase in 2 weeks, with over 2000 miles, and changed to rinse phase today, and already have 300 miles into it. I do 6,000 mile (10,000 km) OCI's currently, but am planning on taking that up quite a bit, currently even with the high milage (212,000 miles), I almost never have to add any oil between OCI's. Oh and thanks for responding 3 mad ponchos, as you have experience in this issue. You have a very cool site there. Going to be trying out any other types of Oil as well? As I really wanna know how the GC stands up to the Amsoil and Mobil 1.
Originally posted by CoosBayDave: So.... how do you get an oil sample from the drain plug without losing lots of oil and making a mess?
Install a Fumoto drain valve, I have 5 on the cars and sooo easy to take samples and change the oil/
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