little thicker for summer?

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Apr 17, 2004
Texas Hill Country
I went ahead and changed the oil in my fathers work van today. Its a 94 caravan with the 2.5 4 banger. The book recommends 10w30 pretty much year round. I have been doing 3k mile changes with 10w30 supertech dino and supertech filters. The local walmart discounted the chevron supreme 10w40 down to 88 cents a quart, and I bought about 10 quarts. I changed the oil in the van with the chevron supreme 10w40 today. Is it usually OK to run a viscosity a little thicker than the book recommends, as I have done? It gets somewhat hot here during the summer. Thanks, JH
Back then on my dad's 1988 Dodge Caravan also with a 2.5L 4cylinder, don't have it anymore. I've always put in 10W-40, since he likes that grade for all cars and use it year round. It works fine and runs good. I think 10W-40 would work well for that van.
With 3K OCIs you should be fine on a 10 year old Caravan. If you wanted to baby it, I'd use Chevron Delo 400 15w40 the summer months and Chevron Supreme 10w30 the rest of the year.
data on this bbs shows chevron 10-40 is juat 10-30 with a little extra VI that shears away rather quickly to a thick 10-30. So you should be good to go.
yeah, you should be fine, i've ran higher weight oil in my LT1 in the summers for a while and never had any problems. In fact there are lots of people who put in 10W-40 in place of 10W-30
No problem for Spring and Summer, but as you probably know, not a good choice for New York winters...
I have a 91 Acclaim with the same engine, and after a good double round of cleaning with Neutra, have switched to Rotella 5w40, which is absolutely perfect for this engine year round, and I will probably keep it for 5k changes. It is strong enough to keep up with this engine, which is tough on oil, and is a good shear stable cleaning oil. Plus, I am getting increasingly better mileage with it, and I drive my car pretty hard. Just my opinion. Good luck.
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