Little Poor Boy

Sep 26, 2007
Bowling Green, OH
One day, a seemingly poor boy, carrying a limp and wearing nothing but dirty clothes, entered a crowded salon. As he did, the barber bent down to one of his customers and whispered in his ear. He said: "That kid is the most stupid child in the whole city! Just wait, I'll show you." The hairdresser retrieved a note from his pocket, one worth $100. In the other hand, he held two single dollar bills. He then said to the boy: "Here, boy, pick a hand. Which one do you want?" The youngster judged both hands carefully, before settling on the two dollar bills. "Ha ha, what did I tell you?" the barber laughed. He turned and gave his customer a broad smile as the boy left. "That idiot never learns." A short while later, the customer left the shop and went out into the street. There, he spotted the kid sitting in an ice-cream shop just down the road. Thinking something wasn't quite right, the customer entered the ice cream parlor and said: "Hello, young man, I have a question for you. Why do you always take the dollar bills and not the $100?" The boy took a break from enjoying his ice cream, sat up straight with a smile on his face and replied: "The day I take the $100 is the day this game ends."