Little Old Lady

Sep 19, 2008
So one day a cop is walking his beat down near the big sports stadium when he sees a little old lady dragging two very large black plastic trash bags behind her. One has torn open from being dragged on the cement sidewalk and twenty dollar bills are coming out. A bit suspicious, he stops her and asks if she know that this is happening.

"Oh, thank you, " she says. "I'll go back and pick those up."

"Where did you get those? Did you rob someone?", the cop asks.

"Oh, no officer. I live down by the stadium and my back yard adjoins the stadium parking loty. I have a high wooden fence around mu yard to give me some privacy but there is a knot hole in the fence by the parking lot and guys come over all the time when they are parking for a game. They stick their thing through the hole and pee into my garden. Not only has it killed all my flowers but it stinks and is just unhealthy."

"But how does that explain all the money?". he asks.

"Oh, that's simple. I started standing by the hole with my hedge trimmers and when they stick it through, I grab it and tell them if they don't give me twenty dollars, I'll cut it off."

"That's interesting," says the cop. "I suppose there is nothing illegal about that. In fact, it sounds very entrepreneurial! By the way, what's in the other bag?"

She replies, "Not everybody pays!"