Liquid wrench?

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Sep 25, 2008
central ga
I picked up a pint bottle of this stuff. Liquid Wrench industrial multi-use lubricant and corrosion inhibitor w/CERFLON is on the label. I was interested in using this on my firearms,esp for rust protection here in central ga's high humidity.Any one have any experience with this stuff?
Made by the same company that makes S&W lubes. From the sounds of things its often the same stuff, just not packaged for S&W and hence cheaper. I used the S&W stuff....not great but it works.
The only issue with it for rust protection is the liquid aspect. Oil floats on water. Condensation forms and floats off oils. Take a gander at Mil-Comm TW25B, for a combo lube preservative as it was intially formulated for salt water environment use by our Navy.It's a "Grease", but has the consistency of cold cream and is effective as both a lube and preservative with an almost invisible film application. I find it's just the ticket for a 1911 in a sweaty IWB holster, and it's thin enough to not hold grit. ASTM PDF for TW25B: Good luck to ya!!
I use it as a final bore swab, and general purpose gun lube. A little goes a long way. I have been very happy using this on a Ruger revolver and a lever action carbine.
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