Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil: B-Farnesene

Jan 30, 2018
East Texas
So, I am mulling over the SDS for Liquid Wrench's Penetrating Oil, and I decide to see what CAS "1581740-29-5" leads to, but no dice. I instead lookup the constituent hydrocarbon to see if it has particular uses. Thats: 1,6,10-dodecatriene 7,11-dimethyl-3-methylene-, (6e)-, Hydrotreated What I'm finding is this: Which says it's Beta-Farnesene, They put 5-10% of this into the blend, but why? As an insect repellent? I understand that SDS does not have to report everything, yada yada.
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Mix up some auto tranny fluid and acetone 50/50 and shake it up. Just as good, cost almost zero...Ž
I have done that, and it really works! Better than any commercial penetrant.
Still on my first can of Silikroil from >5 years ago. Granted I use it sparingly and typically use Liquid Wrench for less stubborn fasteners.
Trans fluid and acetone does work well and cost is economical. I like the liquid wrench.. personally pb blaster and liquid wrench are my go to.
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The trans beta-farnesene is a "green," relatively harmless solvent with the odor of citrus.
Thank you, Mola.