Liqui-Moly Special LongLife 5W-30

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Oct 3, 2008
This is the local BMW dealer's service fill, and I was trying to find more info on it. Came across this VOA, courtesy of Viscosity at 40°C: 65.97 Viscosity at 100 °C: 11.37 Viscosity Index: 167 TBN: 10.27 TAN: 1.93 Pour Point: - 42°C Flash Point: 230°C Ash: 1.25% Mo: 0 P: 959 Zn: 1061 Ba: 1 B: 3 Mg: 7 Ca: 3535 Sn: 0 Pb: 0 Al: 1 Fe: 1 Cr: 0 Cu: 0 Si: 2 Na: 0 K: 0 TSD
Still throws me off a bit to see Liqui-Moly oil with no moly. Looks like a solid VOA, thanks for sharing FalconLS.
Saw Liquid Moly in 5W-30 at NAPA yesterday. If it's anything like the Kuwaiti version, it'd be worth a try. $50 for a 5 quart jug is a deterrent though. That buys a lot of M1 at Wallyworld.
The one thing to watch for is Liqui Moly has several 5W-30's meeting a variety of different specs. Here is the American version with a slightly different name - chemistry is the same: Link. Appears it's not that easy to come by in the U.S. though.
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