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Jun 12, 2012
I purchased a Ryobi made "Homelite" 25cc line trimmer. The handbook states synthetic 2t oil @ 50:1 on 91 (M+R/2) which seems extravagant. 1L of synthetic 2t is about $30 and I simply would not use 1L in a lifetime. What do you think about using a major brand 2t mineral oil at say 25:1? has synthetic 2cycle for much less. Maybe shipping to you will make it not worth it....I have been using Royal Purple synthetic 2cycle for what its worth. I would also go 40:1 but that is just me and following the instructions, as mentioned in previous post, probably the way to go. I would stick with the synthetic tho!
Wabbout using chainsaw mix oil? Around here, you can buy it in 6 oz bottles. 25:1 is too oily. 32-40:1 should be fine. I mix an oily 32:1 with dino oil, it smokes in some engines. Smoke just means there is enough oil. No smoke is when I worry.
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What do you think about using a major brand 2t mineral oil at say 25:1?
You don't half the ratio just because it's mineral oil. There are many mineral 2-cycle oils that recommend 50:1 mixture, including the mineral Stihl oil I used to run in my trimmer and blower.
Use the Amsoil "Saber" 2 cycle syn. oil. I have used this at 80 to 1 on our Stihl string trimmers since 1999. These units do not smoke and they have never needed to be "de-carbed". About $7.50 per qt. + shipping.
I use Amsoil Saber at 50:1 (per instructions) in my Echo weed wacker. It's 10-12 years old, runs and starts great, and doesn't smoke. Just do what they tell you. Don't cheap out
well it'a a domestic line trimmer, how much fuel can you possibly run through it? 1. Could the price difference matter? 2. If you DOUBLE the oil in the fuel, you double the specific price of that cheapo oil use. Is it still "cheap"? 3. If you use too much oil, you could suffer bad smell and coked plugs. But I agree, in this case you could ignore the "synthetic" remark, look at oil ratings instead and if you find an oil with modern ratings and with recommendation to run it at 50:1, or 2% as we say here, buy it and use it. I would look at house brands, and maker's brands, of chain saw oil at big box stores. Say a FC rated oil will work veyr, very well at 2% too, and will be reasonably cheap.
My original recommendation was going to be for the Poulan synthetic at WalMart but I see you're in Australia so that's most likely a no go. What about Stihl or Husqvarna branded oil? Synthetic or not I don't think either of those companies would be marketing an inferior lube considering all the expensive pro grade equipment they are responsible for warranty issues on. And I would run either conventional or synthetic at 50:1 or 40:1 that should be plenty of oil.
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