Limited Edition Valvoline Dextron VI at Menards!

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Sep 9, 2016
North Dakota
In my area, Menards has the cheapest full synthetic Dexron VI. So I grabbed enough bottles for the upcoming fluid and filter change on my 4T65E. When I got home and started to put away the bottles, I realized that I either got some counterfeit Dexron VI or some limited edition Dextron (one of my pet peeves when I see it spelled this way). Shoot, I know Isuzu cleared out, but that's no reason not to capitalize their name. I'm debating contacting Valvoline to let them know about their limited lot run, which maybe already got dealt with. But what the heck. smile Apologies for the two sideways images. Not sure how to correct them. Side by side : The "limited edition" bottle: The regular version:
I agree. I sent an inquiry to Valvoline asking for clarification and offering to send the pictures I have. It's probably fine, but I'd like to know before using the stuff. I mean, if I was okay with "it's probably fine," why am I posting on BITOG?
Well, that was pretty quick. Got my response from Valvoline. Thank you for contacting Valvoline Product Support It appears that you have got 2 containers of the old packaging of the product. When we moved from 12 quart cases to 6 quart we went from the VV370 part number to the 6 digit 822405 part number. That being said, it appears that there have been some of the old containers released which had a typo on the label. There was no change in the formulation and this misprint will have no effect on the performance of the fluid. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via phone at 800 TEAM VAL or by email at [email protected] for assistance. Thank you and have a great day. Max Valvoline Product Support
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