Like a Rock

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May 26, 2007
Does anyone know a YouTube video of "Like a Rock" song with a guy riding his motorcycle, corvette, and other man toys around his house. The video sort of chronologicalize his life. I can't it out of my head and I can't find it on YouTube again. The video makes me want to go buy a Chevy every time.
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The video makes me want to go buy a Chevy every time.

Than why don't you?

For everyone who doesn't know or remember, Chevy used Bob Segar's "Like a Rock" in a huge advertising blitz a few years ago.
At about time, Bob Segar raced some cars as a hobby. Want to know the real irony of it all? He didn't race Chevy cars. The brand that he raced was:
Wait for it....wait for it.....Nissan. At the time he admitted that he didn't own a Chevy.
I was numb as a rock,I was as dumb as I could a rock,nobody could ever change a rock...then I bought a Chevee... lol
Then GM went from that to stealing Dodge's 84/85 ad campaign "An American Revolution".
There was a Ford ad that was on and then suddenly pulled. I remeber seeing it and falling off the sofa laughing. There was a Ford and Chevy pickup at a boat dock. The Ford guys in the truck were waiting while the Chevy manuevered to remove a large boat on a trailer out of the water. However, the Chevy couldn't pull the weight and the boat pulled the Chevy down into the water. The two Ford guys said,"Yep, like a rock."
That sounds like a great ad and really funny.
Boat launching ramps can provide hours of free entertainment.
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