Lifter noise....Oh No

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Jul 2, 2003
New Zealand
Hi Guys, I am new to your forum have been lurking for three weeks or so. I am from downunder in New Zealand and have a 2003 Santa Fe 2.7 V6 with 6000 kilometres since new. I have just changed over to full synthetic oil Pennzoil 10w/30 and now at cold start up I can hear what I am sure is lifters tapping, not bad mind you but it never did this before changing the oil. It even taps slightly after starting the engine warm maybe after sitting for an hour or two.I never filled the new filter with oil before screwing it on so could it be that, not bleeding out or do you think it is simply the oil? I am not sure what oil it had as it was the factory fill but the engine was sure quiet before. After I run the engine for 10 seconds the noise is gone completely and runs very quiet after that. My choice of oil was made mainly on the cost, Mobil 1 is $70.00 for 4 litres and $19.95 for another litre and because I need nearly 5 litres for an oil change that comes to $90.00 as opposed to Pennzoil which I can buy direct from the distributor $48.60 for 5 litres roughly half price.....I enjoy this forum a lot and look forward to your opinions.....rugbykiwi.
Hi rugbykiwi, I'm going to guess it's still cold down where you live. Because the engine is so new the only thought I have is you are not driving far enough to get trapped air out of the lifters. When the engine is shut off hot the oil cools and contracts. This always results in some air in the lifters' oil feed lines that gets pushed ino the lifters after the next start. Running above 2000 rpm for 15 minutes gets the lifters completely purged but shorter trips may let the air trapping increase or so the theory goes. Not a serious problem though as the valves seat properly despite any "ticks"
Is this a different oil filter you used? If so maybe the anti drain back valve is not retaining the oil in the filter like it's supposed to do. This can cause a lifter clatter until the oil pressure builds. When I used Fram filters I had the exact same situation as you. I solved the problem by going back to Motorcraft filters(Ford truck) and the problem went away, no more noisey start ups.

Thanks for your replies, yes I think JCC is onto it I reckon I have to do a few miles to get rid of the air in the lifters and also in answer to Whimsey the filter is exactly the same as the one that came out as I checked the numbers on the both of them. I will be driving about 50 ks tomorrow so that ought put it right....Thanks again.....rugbykiwi.
I am with Whimsey - Even if it is the same type filer it may have a defective backflow valve in it. It might be one of those makes where every one is a crapshoot or it just might be a rare defective one in a better brand.
Thanks for your replys guys the panic is over, I took the SF for a good run and lifter noise has gone completely....rugbykiwi...

Mobil 1 is! And mind you not for about .30$/bottle extra.

If your going to spend top dollar wanting synthetic over the counter...Mobil 1 is the only honest option.
Wait...I totally retract my last comment.

Perhaps in NZ Penzoil is a POA-Ester blend...and yes 70$ steep/case. For a second I was assuming your in the states. My mistake-
Outrun, I think Pennzoil synthetic in New Zealand is the same as yours being group 3 but I just cannot justify using Mobil 1 at $90.00NZ for an oil change when Pennzoil direct from the disributor is around half the price. Add $90.00 to $20.00 for the filter and it's just too much. Thanks for your thoughts......rugbykiwi
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