Life with an R55 Clubman- I love a cheap and easy fix.

Jul 21, 2002
Over the past few months the Clubman would develop an intermittent misfire that, oddly enough, could be eliminated with a restart. However, a couple of weeks ago the problem resurfaced and did not go away. When the issue first occurred I used the Carly app and traced the misfire to cylinder 2, so I had swapped that coil with the cylinder 1 coil. Once the misfire was constant A scan with the Carly app showed that cylinder 1 was now the culprit. I decided to just go ahead and replace all four coils and plugs, since the coils were 14 years old. I ordered them from FCP Euro- four Bosch coils and four Bosch plugs cost $125.42. While I could have used my BMW Reward cards to buy the parts at the dealer but it would have cost $222 more- and I prefer to use the cards on the upcoming annual services for the X1 and Club Sport. The swap took less than 45 minutes and after clearing the fault codes Carly gave the car a clean bill of health. Once again I'm averaging 40 mpg or better to and from work.
Give yourself a pat on the back & pat the car's back too. :LOL:
Scanners & DIY attitude can go a long way to feel an accomplishment with oneself. Great work!