License plate on front oK in NC?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
is it illegal to put the license plate on the front "vanity" plate bracket according to NC or federal rules? I've seen several cars with their plates on the front, and was wondering if it's legal to do that? Thanks.
As far as I know T-bird you have to keep the state issued license plate on the rear of the car. Years back you could get a duplicate plate to put on the front of the car but I think that practice has been discontinued.
Thanks guys...I guess I should keep it in the back then. Mike, no i mean the real license plate (NOT a novelty plate) going ON the front bracket instead of in the back.
I'd only do it if you feel like getting pulled over all the time. here in Maine, we're required to have plates front and rear. I've never even heard of someone putting a single plate on the front.
If you always drive backwards on the wrong side of the road you may be able to argue in favor of the license plate being only in the front. [Razz]
I believe that most states that only provide a single plate require it to be on the back, unless you qualify for a waiver (such as a vehicle which regularly tows trailers or has another legitimate reason why the rear is usually obscured). Check with the office that issues your plate, and I'm sure they'll have a quick and definitive answer.
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