LG....they make everything, don't they.

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Thats weird! Never knew that. It could just be rebagged Shell stuff anyway (or any other companies).
None of them have the current SL rating unless they haven't updated their website in a while. I wouldn't trust it.
not saying that I'd trust it by any stretch (assuming that it was available).

I thought the table with the basestocks listed was a good idea, and would solve a lot of arguing on here.

As to not trusting anything that's not SL, that would rule out a lot of the majors down here.

A lot of Pennzoil stuff is still SJ, a lot of Shell stuff is still SJ.

I guess it takes a while to catch up when you are halfway around the world.
LG and other Korean Chaebol (conglomerates) are groups of companies under the same ownership that make just about everything. Hyundai, for example, has companies that make computer chips to insurance to shipbuilding. I've been in Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Korea where my ship was repaired...even the welding machines and welding rod were made by affiliated Hyundai companies, and we stayed in the affiliated Hyundai hotel (outlandish prices and dreadful food). Across town was a different Hyundai company, Hyundai Heavy Industries, that build ships and constructed diesel engines for ship propulsion up to 94,000 hp.

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