Lets send Bob a card from us all!!

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Nov 10, 2003
Winder, GA
hi all...ive been a member of this site now for over a year and although ive just re-registered because i lost my password for my old login, i think ive been here long enough to suggest the following. we should all donate a couple of dollars each, to either someone or an account and nominate one person to use said monies to buy a get well cars from us all and present it to him. i think it would be nice is we could use this forum to electronically sign a virtual card and then have it printed out and made up real nice and given to him. I just think that this would be the best way to show him how much we appreciate this site and what he's done-at NO cost to us all!! Just a thought though. Christopher Jefferson
An excellent idea! By the way, I could've resent your password to you so you could continue using your old username. Just let me know the exact username and I'll fix it for you.
I think several of us suggested this some time ago and the response was to wait till the needs of the family were known. We know they need money. Maybe if a plan does not develop in a couple days we could just individually send a card/cash. Is this the correct address?? Room-603 Baptist Hospital 800 Prudential Dr Jacksonville, Fl 32207 .
Al, I don' t think that's the correct room anymore. He was in there before, but then had to be moved back to ICU, so I'm not sure if he's still in there or in another private room again. We're not getting many updates lately. [Frown]
I'm in. I think someone near him with a paypal account to get some donations. Flowers and a card wouldn't be too much. Or we could get him something usefull like a whole bunch of oil [Smile]
Does anyone have his home address so those of us that would want to send something could individually get his address instead of posting it on the board???
Originally posted by Al: Does anyone have his home address so those of us that would want to send something could individually get his address instead of posting it on the board???
I do have his Cell phone number but I have not called to see if it was answered.
Just an idea: Does somebody know how to create a web site with a card, and we can all sign our login names to the card, and then the card can be printed out?
Originally posted by digitaldrifter91: so how is he doing now?
[I dont know] Nobody has sent me any updates lately. [Frown]
I wish Bob the best! ..and I'm sending cash (or reasonable alternative tender). It's the gift that's always useful. If not for directly lifting the spirits ...easing the misery of recovery from a most enduring ordeal. [Cheers!]
I got an update last night on Bob:
Hi Pat, Here is the news from the last week: Last Friday, Bob was rushed to surgery to drain fluid off his brain that was creating excess pressure. It was a complete success! I got no more news from "Mrs Bob" until today. She walked into his room this morning, he was sitting up, alert and talking like my mother-in-law!!! He was asking all kinds of questions and seemed to be very alert and aware. I caught a nasty bug Thursday and have been very sick, so I will not go to the hospital until I am over this, but I can hardly wait to see him. I will e-mail you as soon as I see him. This made my day! Ray
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